Welcome to page 2 of Jacobs photos

Here are more photos of Jacob.  To see them closer just click on one and it might take a minute to load so please be patient. 

My little boy sleeping soundly on the couch

Jacob 4.5 months old


He kept this monkey with him for a long time


He loved his monkey


Jacob drinking his bottle he tried to hold it


Isnt this pic too cute.  He was thinking!


Such a big smile. 


Alyssa and her brother.  She always entertains him


Love this pic too.  Just a beautiful huge smile. 


Alyssa and her brother again



Here is last years Valentine photos.  Jacob received 43 Valentines from other SMA children and just loved them to death as you can tell from the photos. 



This was Jacobs second hospitalization.  We were in Peterborough Hospital from Feb 15th until the 18th.  Jacob was battling another respiratory infection.  We were sent home until there was a bed a Toronto Sick Kids for us. 

Jacob at home getting a neb treatment

Jacob getting his prednisone

Smiling even though he was really sick

All happy

Huge smiles!

Playing with his toys

Who is that?  Pooh?

Jacob and Aunt Kara


We left Peterborough Hospital on the 18th of Feb so I could spend a few days with Alyssa before we went to Toronto on the 20th.  We were going to start Jacob on Bi-PAP and get his G-Tube surgery when he was better.  Unfortunately there was another snow storm coming that Friday and we had to be there at 1 PM so we left Thursday night, my friend Tanya drove us.  Jacob and I stayed in a hotel that night.  Jacob lost his swallow on the night of the 19th he didn't drink his bottle for me all night and when we got to Sick Kids the next day he was already getting dehydrated so they put in a NG Tube through his nose to feed him.  This was after observing him choke on his bottle and making him try thickened formula.  Needless to say he aspirated and developed a pretty bad pneumonia and needed a 5 week stay in Toronto till he was better and could have his surgery.  Here are some of the pictures from that hospital stay.

First time on pappy


He didnt like it much.


Jacob with Helen Baldwin's book 'The Jeffery Journey'


Poor little man.  So sick there with feeding tube


All smiles just a little while later, lots of wires


Here are some of the angels that Angels of Hope made for him


Happy 6 months Jacob


Loving his balloons still


Beautiful photo :)


Nurse Krista, loved her

Jacob and papa

I just adore this photo!


Look at that angel


Baby Blues!!!


Nana and Jacob


Thinking how to get something I  bet!!!


Me and Jacob after a day of tests


Aunt Shannon and her buddy bear


Just look at that smile.  Never a better smile

Getting lots of love from his sister!!!