Professional Pictures!

These are Jacobs Sears photos taken in Nov or Dec of 2003?  I gotta find out for sure.  Sorry about that!  I should know this

Kerri, and Jenn had a blast taking them.  The girls at Sears had a great time taking the photos.  They love Jacob so much, and I cant thank them enough for taking the time to ensure that we were the only ones in the studio at the time, and that they took extra special care in getting just the right shot!  Thanks so much girls...Ill be back!

This is a proof!  I love the poem

Alyssa and her brother!  Such love.


My family



Mommie and her angel.  I absolutely adore this photo


This one was fun to do


Look at him hamming it up~


This one I made black and white. Cant find the original I will try to soon


Such a sweet picture eh!



Here it is!  I love this photo also.  I love them all


These Sears photos were taken on August 17, 04

Just before my angel celebrated his 1st birthday!  They turned out so much better then we expected.  The angel wings and teddies are Kerri's that she brought in from her daughter.  Again we are lucky to have them working there to get these special shots.  Memories to last a lifetime.  We were all in tears at the time.  I still smile thinking of it all.  Love yah girls!


Baby Bear


My Angel!! Precious


"1" year old! 


Jacob and Greg! 


This was the first time I got to hold Jacob on my shoulder in MONTHS


It felt sooo good.  I could have held him there forever.  We were all crying


See the look on his face!!!


This is why!  He peed!!! LOL


There is that hand thing again!  I love that pose


Big boy!


This is another proof!  I love this poem too!




Here is some photos Stacy from "Friends of Allie" made for the kids. 
The first two few are ones that her friend digitally enhanced for us.
I'll show you the before pictures and then the after ones.
First is Alyssa's school picture from this year and then two that she enhanced for her.
Alyssa was totally taken by these pictures and says she wants to look like that "for real"!!!


This is her original grade 2 school picture from this year.

And now here it is after they enhanced it for her!!!
Amazing eh!

Alyssa really loves this one too.  As do I.   It is one of my favorites for sure.


And this one also of digitally enhanced pics for Jacob.  Ill again show the original and then the enhanced ones. 

Here is Jacobs original picture...

And here is the first enhanced one

And the second enhanced one!!! AWESOME!


Also these photos were made by Stacy.  She made these ones all by herself!  She started with one and then just couldn't stop!  I love them all.  I really like the blues clues one!

Are these not just beautiful?  Thanks so much Stacy!

Which is your favorite?