Current Photos Page 11!

Samantha's New Puppies Sadie and Tank 

Both Puppies are Purebred Labrador Retrievers


Samantha with Sadie 4 resized.jpg (38980 bytes)

Samantha with her new puppy Sadie 8 1/2 weeks old

Sadie March 20 2003 002resized.jpg (109845 bytes)

Sadie at 9 1/2 weeks old

Pictures of Tank on lounge chair 6.8.03 001resized.jpg (39983 bytes)

Samantha new puppy Tank at 12 weeks old

Tank with Ball 5.28.03 001resized.jpg (92543 bytes)

Tank at 10 weeks old

Sadie and Samantha Smelling the flower 5.18.03 005resized.jpg (60580 bytes)

Samantha letting Sadie smell her flower

Sadie and Samantha loving each other 5.18.03 007 resized.jpg (61230 bytes) 

Sadie giving Samantha some love

  Pictures of Tank and Sadie swimming with Jim 6.8.03 007resized.jpg (38880 bytes)

Daddy with Sadie and Tank in the pool

Sadie and Tank 5.28.03 005resized.jpg (53528 bytes)

Sadie and Tank hanging out together

Sadie & Tank Pictures May 24 and 25.2003 012resized.jpg (40644 bytes)

Sadie and Tank all curled up together

Sadie swimming 6.8.03 009resized.jpg (29974 bytes)

Sadie Swimming

Sadie swimming thank you daddy 6.8.03 014resized.jpg (38516 bytes)

Sadie giving Daddy some love