Current Photos Page 7!


SamandDadHat.jpg (46810 bytes)

Me and Daddy with our hats on taking in some sunshine


SamandDadSleep.jpg (48487 bytes)

Me and Daddy Sleeping well Daddy was anyways

SamBanshie.jpg (47656 bytes)

Hurry Mommy take my picture so I can get back to my videos


SamPigTails.jpg (51816 bytes)

Me with my pig tails

SamInTub1.jpg (31551 bytes)

Me in the bathtub with my shampoo doo


SamInTub2.jpg (38713 bytes)

Ok hurry up mommy I am freezing

SamMomDadLakeRevised.jpg (41447 bytes)

Me, Mommy and Daddy by the lake at Uncle Tony's House

SamInBed.jpg (44853 bytes)

Me in my crib with my toys