Current Photos Page 5!


SamBathLongHairSmile.jpg (99767 bytes)

Look at my hair! It is getting so long

SamBathTowelWrapSmile.jpg (82407 bytes)

Pretty Little Girl!

SamEasterBasket.jpg (69172 bytes)

Hey! I back here behind my easter basket

SamEasterBasketSpread.jpg (81557 bytes)

Boy, the Easter bunny sure thought I was a good girl did I ever trick him!  Hehe :-)

SamEasterDress02.jpg (86459 bytes)

Me in my Easter Dress on Easter Sunday March 2002 - 2 years 3 months old

MommyDaddySamChristmasPicture.jpg (102047 bytes)

Daddy, Mommy and me posing for our Christmas Family Pictures - I just can not figure out why the camera is blinking.  I wish it would hurry up and take my Picture!