Current Photos Page 4!


SamDaddyUpsideDown.jpg (34418 bytes)

Daddy & I love to play the upside down game together

SamWildHairSmileTeeth2.jpg (30111 bytes)

Wild Hair Day!

SamDodaroCreationsShirt.jpg (40331 bytes)

Me in my Dodaro Creations T-Shirt

SamWildHairSmileTeeth.jpg (41482 bytes)

I love when mommy wraps me up in a towel after my bath time and cuddles with me

Me curled up on my pillow watching my videos on the TV

SamSittingCouchShy.jpg (36370 bytes)

Me kick-in back watching videos again

SamSmilingSunSuit.jpg (35869 bytes)

Me looking pretty in my sun dress

HalloweenPicture.jpg (114533 bytes)

Me at Halloween trying to sneak a candy bar for later but mommy and daddy caught me!