Alexa's Story


On May 25, 2007, Mike and I welcomed our first child, Alexa Marie into our lives. She was such an unbelievable baby! Sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old, great eater, happy and very loving. Alexa has had an especially close bond with her Big Cousin Ethan since birth and one of her very first words was "Ethan". She also loves her two younger twin cousins, Aidan and Brady who are only four months younger than Alexa.

Around the week of Halloween this year (2008), Alexa began acting funny. She was requesting LARGE amounts of water to drink and soaking through diapers around the clock (which at the time we thought made sense!). She would also seem extremely hungry even shortly after eating a large meal. On Monday, November 3rd, I took Alexa to her peditrician's office. It was there her blood sugar was tested--she tested at 590. A normal blood sugar range is 70-120. We rushed her up to Yale Children's Hospital where she was immediately admitted. Soon after we learned Alexa had Type 1 Diabetes. She is 17 months old. The diagnosis came as a shock. We were so lucky to have picked up on Alexa's signs quickly though to avoid what could have been a very critical situation. The next few days were filled with life changing information on how to care for Alexa and live with Diabetes.

Yale and their staff were amazing every step of the way. It will be difficult at times, but diabetes is a very managable condition as long as you stay on top of it.

Challenges we will face early on will be due to her age and the inability for her to communicate how she is feeling physically. Alexa is now on 3 daily injections of insulin (Novolog, NPH and Levimer) along with testing her blood sugars between 6-8 times a day.

We are blessed to have such an amazing network of support as we transition into this "new normal." Alexa's Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and family and friends have been nothing but encouraging and supportive. We know they are behind us every step of the way and we all look forward to helping to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes!

We remind Alexa every day of the strength and courage her cousin Ethan possesses when battling against his condition-Spinal Muscular Atrophy. And while the two conditions vary greatly in severity, Alexa can still learn a lot about will power and determination from Ethan.


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