Eighteen - Twenty Four Months Photos

Page 7

Playing with my Dalmatian Chase toy

Choo choo!

I'm such a lucky boy! I have lots of toys I can play with with my switch

Clicking my switch

Chewing on a yummy cookie

I'm working hard here.

Look at me concentrating!

Going for a wagon ride inside.

I'm getting too tall for my wagon.

I love my sandbox.

Playing with Play-Doh

Trying the computer while laying down.

Look whose got wheels!

Whoa! What are you doing?

Actually, I'm just borrowing it to test drive.

This is a little hard to do, that is why next time I'll get to try a different joystick.

Mommy, I think it's a little big.

With my Valentines from the SMA Support chat

Watch out!  I'm a ladies man!!

I'm also your Prince Charming!

Happy Valentine's Day!!