3 Year Photos
Make-A-Wish Trip to Disney World
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Mommy's Photos
(Captions written form Ethan, Brady, & Aidan's perspective)


On the RV, in my big bed!

The sign in the RV, it says "Ethan's Going to Disney World! Wishes Do Come True!"

Aidan & Brady on the RV

We're ready to go!

I'm so excited to meet all the pirates, I can't sleep!

The twins don't have the same problem

Drive faster, Grandpa!

Mommy relaxing

We're almost where?


Eating breakfast with Bernadette

Good morning! Are we there yet??

Grandpa shaving

Another sign; this one says "We're Going to Disney World! www.our-sma-angels.com/ethan"

"Believe in Wishes, Ethan is Headed to Disney World!"


Welcome to Give Kids the World!

Mommy, Daddy, & me!

Bernie & Me

Grandma & Me

Pinnochio is awesome, although I really wanted to see his nose grow

Nana making Mickey potatoes!

Hanging with family

Mickey's bedroom

Daddy, Mickey, Minnie, Mommy, & Me!

Our family & Mickey and Minnie

Most of us

Look at that!

Mayor Clayton

Shamu is huge

A princess dolphin

Another princess

2 pirates, arg!

I love princesses

Hear ye pirates

Looking for Captain Jack with Mommy

Riding on the carousel

I think I need one of these at home

Wow! This place is amazing!

Let's keep going

I know I'm handsome!


All by myself

On the playground with Bernie

Now what?

Going down the slide

With Daddy

On the playground