3 Year Photos
Make-A-Wish Trip to Disney World
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Mommy's Photos


Yep, I'll have one of them!

Look, Grandpa!

Where are we going?

I'm riding a turtle!


Lemme see my star

Good work, Mommy


Mommy & her big boy

Let's eat!

Me & my brothers

You're very soft Miss!

Mayor Clayton coming to say goodnight and tuck us in


Walt Disney World
Where Dreams Come True

Hey, what are you eating?

Are you Chip or Dale?

Meeting Mary Poppins

You're pretty


Who are you?

You are goofy, Auntie Kristen

What are you wearing, Auntie Jill?

Cinderella's Castle

Grandma, Grandpa, and the twins

Belle giving me her autograph

Bernadette & Belle

Auntie Kristen, Alexa, & Belle

Oh Eeyore, I just love you

Hello Piglet

Come here, I love you!

Why, Mom?

I'm pooped out

Goliath, JoJo, Mommy, & me!

I've waited my whole life to meet you!

Lex giving Mickey kisses

Can I have your nose??

Hi Puppy!

Lilo & Stitch

Donald, Alexa, Brady, & Aidan

Hanging with the blue power ranger

Dad & the Power Ranger

Santa, you're early

Peter? No, it's me Ethan!

Just my size!

Peter Pan!

Our family & Peter

Captain Jack

Posing by the Christmas tree