3 Year Photos
Part 1
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My hat!

My new toy

from Auntie Jilly

Happy Father's Day, Grandpa!

My mini amusement park

My friend Kyle's mommy made this for my mommy

Let's go for our walk now

Gotta have the bubble blower

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

Driving my truck

Enjoying the sunshine

My Diego bubble blower

My candy, keep out!!!

I'm having school in the summer
Who thought that was a good idea????

School is boring! Can't we color or something?

This is much better! Playing trucks with Grandma

Swinging with Daddy

Higher Daddy higher!

Look what I made

Mommy started this past Wednesday an art class, here at my home, for me and his friends.  I am going to do it every other week.  I LOVE having my friends over and the art class!

See, I made a hat too!

My friends and I made a big mess!

My new autographed Fergie stuff the chief of police in my town gave to me

I love Fergie

Spelling with my magnet letters

Riding in my wagon

Red White & Blue

Doing fireworks with Grandpa

Careful Grandpa

Watching Grandpa

Happy 4th of July!!!