3 Year Photos
Part 1
Page 3


See, babies, this is the aquarium. They have lots of stuff to look at!

My brothers, Daddy, and Me

Stop taking pictures! I know there is more to see!

Giant turtles! WOW!

Mommy and us

Hurry up and eat! I want to see more!

Cool! I've never seen anything like that!

Look at my new sword

Look how big my sword is

Come join the fun, it is music time

See how it is done Alexa

Even dad joined us drumming away

Choo, choo....the train is a coming

I need a toy please

I love my Nana hugs

Argh matey, it is time for pirate play!

Mom, please push me

Tubby time, but no pictures please

Mommy and my aunties

It is Hawaiin party time

I love when Auntie Jilly reads to me

Nana Candi helping me make a pirate ship

I love painting time

Let's go explore

Nope, that ride looks too scary

Hmmm, which ride shall I pick

Hi Mommy, how about that ride