3 Year Photos
Part 1
Page 4


Picking out my very first pet

I think a turtle

Definitely not a fish

Meet Lucky, my pet turtle

Hi Lucky! Welcome home!

Painting great, I'm going to be famous

My friends at art class

We have lots of fun

Choo woo

My swim time

I think I'm getting a little long for this, Mom

At the zoo

Let's see the turtles first, grandma

Let's go Daddy

Our family

All of us

What? No water?

I do love to swim

I want to get wet, please

Come on, Dad!

Sophia's candle for SMA

Andrea & James' candle for SMA

My candle for all my friends with SMA

Feeding the goats at the farm

Come here goats

Daddy feeding the goats

Hi little goat

Thomas the train

Hey Donkey, where's Shrek?

Don't eat me!

New race track

Practicing driving

Looking good