3 Year Photos
Part 2
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Hurry, we have to go

At the fire station

I'm the new fire chief

Can we make the sirens go?

Family Group Shot

Hanging with all my family

At the policemen's party

Look what I got

My northpole friends

Yes, you wanted something?

Look at what I did

Making my gingerbread house with mommy

Ta-da, all done

It's a Mickey holiday

Driving around, searching for presents

Santa came to visit

Hanging with Santa

Santa, mommy, daddy and I


Pirate Play

These are my toys, not yours

What do I find under the tree, nothing but me

What a good baby...nice and quiet

Excuse me, where are Santa's cookies?

Need more cookies

Adding some Reindeer food

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

In my Christmas Pajamas

Looking at the tree

A present...hurry and open it Daddy

Wow, look at all my presents

Faster daddy, faster

My new toys, watch it go

Look at their silly hats

Mommy and daddy

Merry Christmas everyone

Standing up, look how tall I am

Playing with switch toys

Hanging with Auntie Jilly

Grandma, Auntie Jilly and I

Playing police with my switch toy

Born to Ride!

My picture from Imagination Movers

I'm so stylish

Like my wobble goggles?