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Miss Meredith with Conner, her former daycare student.  Meredith was so careful and attentive to Conner at Pittman Park before we even knew what was wrong or how serious his illness was. (3-30-01)



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Peanuts, Conner's PT, and Nurse Kathi with Conner.  I think that picture was taken right after he turned all shades of blue and gray and purple. (3-30-01)


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Can you tell Jim had a bite to eat? (4-7-01)


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This is Carly and kids at the birthday party. Carly is so sweet-she pulled Conner all around in his wagon and paid him so much attention.  I wish we had gotten a picture of that.  Carly is Monica and Kevin Cowart's daughter. (4-7-01)


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Grammy and Granddaddy Gary


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Mommy being prissy.


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A rare holding moment here.


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One of Conner's favorite books. Thanks Terri Louderback for suggesting Maisy! Conner makes me read it over and over.


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Mommy and Conner-love, love


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What a tall baby!


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Belinda and her doggy. We enjoyed the visit!


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Laying out in the sun. Thank goodness Conner likes his swing-when its not too hot.


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It may just be me but this face appears to be precious.

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