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Conner's Mammaw and PopPop, my dad's parents



My honey's beautiful curly hair. What an angel! This picture really captures the essence of Conner's soul and sweetness.


Sonny holding Conner on big Jim's birthday (margarita night)


Baby Jim is taken by the fact that HIS granddaddy dares to hold another. We were all laughing but him.


Is it just me or are these Riggs boys handsome? Daniel, Sonny, Conner, John, Jim Sr. and  Jim, Jr.  Whew!


Cute Conner eyes, hair and spitty mouth


The neighbors of Kensington Mews and their children:  Sidney and Maggie,  Retta and Edmund, Jim and Jim and Conner and John.  Excuse me if I have misspelled names.



Conner after his bath


Just another sweet picture of Conner


Mommy and Conner


Daddy and Conner

A drawing of Conner

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