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P3020019.jpg (622036 bytes)

Conner at the Computer!



P3020023.jpg (704205 bytes)

Conner controlling the mouse.


P3030036.jpg (847144 bytes)

My Big Toddler-He is really long.


P3030049.jpg (739559 bytes)

I am very handsome.


P3050008.jpg (802393 bytes)

Conner talking to Grammy. "Night, night, night!"

P3060013.jpg (739723 bytes)

Mattie and Conner hiding in the tent. They 
get upset if you don't call them or if you stay in 
there with them for too long.


P3090028.jpg (985083 bytes)

Earth Angel


P3100029.jpg (892044 bytes)

Conner's cake for daddy...just because



P3100035.jpg (1007784 bytes)

Sweet Ruth, Conner's night nurse. I can't begin to explain how lucky we are to have Ruth.


P3100049.jpg (941056 bytes)

Speech therapist Belinda and Conner doing hard 
work-playing and talking.


P3140013.jpg (864863 bytes)

Conner blowing out his 20 mos. candles. The fire is not as close as it appears!

P3140018.jpg (775609 bytes)

Conner sitting up like a big boy! Rare occasion. 
He has never worn a birthday hat before since 
he has had to lie down.

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