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Nurse Hope's baby, Alaina, and Conner



Conner preciously sleeping. These are the moments we want to remember. Peaceful.


My dynamic duo-Cousin Abby and Conner, my two most precious babes


Mommy giving Conner a massage.  As you can tell, he enjoys a good Mommy massage.


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Granddaddy Sonny and Conner


Conner holding a more mature Alaina


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Conner talking to Grammy after a long play session with Mommy and Daddy.


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Conner's cake from Aunt Julie (These are Uncle Harry's pictures. We'll have more)


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My precious nieces, Abby and Lauren, at Conner's party


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Brother Billy, Cousin Clay, and Brother Jeff


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Conner entering the party


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Conner and BABE!!!!


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Hi piglet.


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Party People


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Aunt Julie, Mommy, Cousin Karen and the cake

9.jpg (118158 bytes)

Conner and the cake.


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