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19 Months!!!!



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Conner and Nurse Hope's son, Christopher.
Conner loved playing with Christopher! We hope
he comes back soon.


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Mommy checking for Bi-Pap leaks...Constantly.


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Conner and Baby Jim.


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Daddy and Baby.  First time Daddy has held Conner in a long, long time.


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Sweet Babies


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Jim going for Conner's curly hair.


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Conner's Close-Up


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Conner's lighted bedroom. It is actually set up to his liking-which is very similar to Spencer's (in the mall)


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Granddaddy giving Conner his nebulizer treatment.


P3010063.jpg (732400 bytes)

Conner passed out during the neb treatment.


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Conner exploring the washer and dryer. Part of our
Pre-pre home school curriculum.

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