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Conner was laughing at himself in the mirror. He doesn't ever get to see himself sitting up. Very special!



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We were determined to get out before the day was over.


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Conner, Mommy and the silly, flashing, sticky, belly button light.


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Granddaddy and Conner.


P3180102.jpg (184300 bytes)

Me and Conner

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Isn't cousin Jim a Cutie?


This is Joseph Smith.  His mother brought this picture during her visit on March 24 (sat.)  Joseph lived in Swainsboro but passed away on September 10 of last year, 2000, at 10 months, 6 days old.  Precious baby.




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Conner and Granddaddy (3-26-01)

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Mommy inexsufflating Conner during his treatment. (3-26-01)


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Conner being suctioned during his treatment.  This was an easy going treatment. (3-26-01)


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Sweet pea outside (3-27-01)

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Amanda Cartee brought us supper and watched a video with Conner. (3-28-01)

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