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Cousins Jim and Conner looking cute



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Another sweet Christmas picture


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B-day cake by Ms. Laverne McBride


jcrstomachhole.jpg (68567 bytes)

Empty hole, changing of the g-tube.
(John wanted to share this.)

livelongandprosper.jpg (57184 bytes)

Spock living long and prospering through Baby Jim.

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 Conner's Christmas tree and his little friends patiently awaiting his arrival.


Pc220260.jpg (103353 bytes)

Conner on his aggravating but life lengthening bi-pap.

Pc210240.jpg (115755 bytes)

Conner and his wonderful physical therapist, Peanuts.


Pc180226.jpg (159445 bytes)

Something possessed me to dress Conner in John's clothes. We share too much idle time, huh?


Pc180236.jpg (118667 bytes)

Exhibition of Conner's beautiful, curly head of hair!


Conner-photos by Marissa MacCaughelty

Abby loving Conner

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