Conner Baby

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Mommy and Baby Resting



P1060040.jpg (156562 bytes)

Conner and Abby watching Veggie Tales (notice Conner's intense interest)


P1210058.jpg (627471 bytes)

Conner is showing you his tie-not dressed up for any reason other than to show off for you (and his Grammy)


P1210062.jpg (602222 bytes)

Conner well enough to sit at an incline (on his covered bath chair)


P1210067.jpg (592439 bytes)

Conner looks so old!


 Conner at the Westin.jpg (279700 bytes)

Conner at the Westin


Lisa Grandmommy Connie Elaine Betsey.jpg (212904 bytes)

Cousin Lisa, Grandmommy Connie, Aunt Elaine, and Betsey


 Savannah A little blurred.jpg (299180 bytes)

Savannah-a little blurred but pretty.


Late Night Crew.jpg (244224 bytes)

The Late Night Crew

Conner's Valentine 2-14-01.jpg (416781 bytes)


A Valentine from the 3 year old Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church to Conner. It says they said a prayer for him. Conner smiled real big when I showed it to him.  I am touched.


Pict0037.JPG (148696 bytes)

Conner in his tent Sunday afternoon (2-25-01)

P2090090.jpg (660575 bytes)

Conner and the diaphragmatic breathing Ernie Aunt Alison gave him.

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