For Gilly often slips away

before we know it's gone
And then we only know it's lost
when we hear an Angel's Song
We're shocked to find we let it go,
That we didn't hold on tighter;
That in its rush to flee from us
it has stolen our Love, our Fighter
Does Time know that we feel pain?
That we need it to stand still?
That once it leaves us with a void
it's one that we can never truly fill?
I want to scream at it to STOP!
If only for a Moment's Blink
so that I might have the opportunity
to just close my eyes and think
I want to capture for a second longer
the last time that I saw her smile
the last time that I saw her beautiful eyes
tell me stories that ran for miles
I want to see her innocent wonder
as she watches the sky, a bird
I want to watch her speak with others
in words that can't be heard
But Time has taken her from us
and we're told to just let her go
And again I can't help but think
that there's something Time should know...
We loved our Gilly here, on Earth,
and in Heaven it will be the same
Though Time keeps moving without a glance
We won't play its thoughtless game
In our hearts, memories are photos
Not movies that just run on
We hold these photos close to us
because Time insists in marching on
Precious Gilly will fly away
and join her friends in Heaven's joyous park
She'll run and jump and sing her songs
and listen to Angel Dogs as they bark
And she'll know that Time has lost its power
There, beyond Heaven's gate
That she is now free to live again,
and that she'll never have to wait
    for Time to give her chances
    for Time to let her grow
    for Time to let her stop and rest
    for Time to let her know
It's only here we'll feel the pain
and suffer through Time's heartless plan
as we learn to deal with losing her
when Time took her...and just ran
But knowing that she now is Free,
That she'll never again feel sorrow,
That Time has lost its hold on her
I think I might just have the strength
                                          for facing my Tomorrow

Kim McAdams

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For Gilly