The Thunder of a Whisper

Our time on this planet, as it relates to its existence, is but a dot on a page
But the impression we leave is the true mark of our presence
For how can one so small, so fragile, so quiet leave such a huge mark?
She has not conquered nations
She has not built cities, monuments or bridges
Nor does she possess great finances to prove her worth
She has not broken records or attempted daring feats
Yet her impact is felt by all that she meets
For she has taught me the true meaning of fatherhood and love
It is not the house, the car, the job title, your net worth or other earthly things that matter
She taught me patience, strength, and caring for my own children as well as others
She is a daughter who helped her mother find her inner strength and beauty that is truly a work of art.
And as a sister, I have witnessed how she has helped her siblings truly open their hearts
She single-handedly rebuilt my faith in our fellow man
She causes all to take another look at that part of your self that makes you uneasy
I have seen this little one affect on so many, without a spoken word
To that extent her legacy is already understood
Our little girl SO strong in mind and spirit
She has truly made the world a better place to be for us.
Jeffrey S.  McAdams 2003


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