So Many Angels

in so little time
So many emotions
we can't define
with thoughts, with words,
with an onslaught of tears
that continuously flow
throughout the years
Sometimes we ask why
they had to go
We don't understand
but we want to know
why within a second, a minute,
an hour, a day
our Angels earn wings
and fly away
Do we feel anger, resentment
for our Lord
who takes our Angels
into His Heavenly Hoard?
Or do we thank Him,
praise Him for His Love
for the Gifts He's given us
from Above?
A little of both
I can believe
when we feel lost
and can only grieve
But I can't feel anger
I can only feel pain
as our babies fall
like droplets of rain
into the arms of the Man
who sent them here
to feel our Love
year after year
Our babies, each one,
are part of a whole
A Heavenly cast
each with a role
to play out but
join us all together
in feeling their love
like the soft sweep of a feather
Some flitter by
and some remain
to continue the love
on Earth's great plain
So my child is yours
and yours is mine
as we deal with these emotions
we can't define
We'll feel each loss
as if it were our own
as each grain of sand
in Time is blown
away by the soft breeze
of our babies' breath
as they greet each adventure
and not call it Death
but Life and Love
and Freedom to play
with our Lord and the Angels
who join them each day
And our babies on Earth
who continue to fight
the battle for Life
(which is their right)?
They'll work together
Angels Earth and Heaven,
an unstoppable team
of powerful Brethren
So give me my shield
and my battle sword as I
fight for these Gifts from
our Heavenly Lord
so that others may know
that our babies were here
giving us Love
year after year...