My Locket
I hold a locket within my hand
My passage to a foreign land
To escape the stress of daily life
To deaden the weight of pain and strife
My locket holds within its face
(even within the confinements of small space)
Strength and Beauty, Joy and Love
The gentle whispers of a Dove
The  soft  caresses of a baby's touch
the kind a Mother desires so much
It emits the song of a joyful Spring bird
the most glorious song one's ever heard
But Hope is its most treasured Gift
When one's spirits need a lift
When Pain and Suffering firmly take hold
and Happiness is not as bold
My locket opens up the door
and Pain and Suffering are no more
But dreams that gently sift away
To be dealt with on another day
- KAM  3/28/03

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