I have always tried to be optimistic...about everything in life.  But sometimes we all have "one of those days" when it seems as if there is just so much suffering going on in the world.  The poem below is reflective of one of those very rare days, a few years ago, when I was just a little too contemplative about the sorrowful aspects of living with an incurable disease, like SMA.



Whispers of Silence
I hear the whispers of lives gone by
The chatter of those still present
Cries of laughter flit about
with echoes of those sounds less pleasant
"Come to me!" I cry
"Please don't pass me by!"
"I want to hear your stories
The ones you haven't told..."
Instead I hear the silence
and I sense the impending fear
of unleashing such joy and anguish
to a life no longer clear.
by Kim A. McAdams

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