Untitled II
I found my Strength and Courage
Contained within a vase
Such a thing I'd never found
in so strange a place
Honesty & Tranquility within this vase
were also kept
Though cracked and thought imperfect
It's True Strength just merely slept
No flowers ever shone so bright
or emitted such a Heavenly scent
But once awakened from this vase
True Strength to me was lent
It held me up and comforted me
when I fell or too deeply wept
And with Love's True Guidance
my heart became adept
...to Courage fraught with honor
and a Truth not known before
...to Piety and Beauty
and, of course, Strength felt to the core
My vase, it may be fragile
But Pure Beauty it does shine
Perfection can be simplistic
But Fragility, something more Divine
- KAM  3/28/03

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