For Mia

As I sit here by the ocean

With my daughter at my side
And I watch the many people
Greet the incoming tide
I can't help but feel the sorrow
Echo through the gales of laughter
As I feel the lives of those we love
Slip away from us faster and faster
Strangers now among us
Those who do not understand
As they run and swim and fish
And build their castles in the sand
I'm sure they've suffered loss
Felt their hearts just burst with sadness
But how can they ignore our pain,
Our  souls as we deal with all this madness?
I cry. I sigh. I grasp the hand
of the daughter that I love
I caress her little fingers
As soft as the coo of a Morning Dove
She looks up the the Heavens
And smiles brightly at the sky
As the many hungry seagulls
Fly about and cry
Then her glance turns towards the ocean
And I hear the crashing of the waves
And I'm hit with such a Peace
Which shakes my Spirit as it saves
My Sanity, my Heart, my Soul for another day
And I can again watch all the people
As they run and play
For once again my child has taught me
That through Pain we can find Joy
And Peace and Love and Spirit
Even when they may seem coy
Because although I hear the laughter
Of children as the ocean waves roll along
It's  Nature's Chorus I now hear clearly
Singing Mia's Song