The Elementary Years (Age 5-9)!




MDA Camp in Iowa 1993 - WATER FIGHT!!!!!!!


Swinging with Aunt Jill in a park in Ohio!


I was very excited for Halloween



Me as Princess Jasmine on Halloween in 1st grade


Me using my BiPap


Me after my spinal fusion


Me enjoying my beanies I received after surgery


Me in my Geri-Chair after surgery


Playing t-ball with Brenda


Me with my favorite doll, Emma, and beanies


Preparing for surgery by dressing up as a patient for Halloween



My first day of 1st grade


swimming in the Hills pool


Me and my teddy going home


Me as Cinderella on Halloween in Kindergarten


At the pumpkin farm


I got covered in Mickey stickers at the parade in Disney World




Playing with my favorite dollhouse



Spreading Emma's ashes in the Gulf of Mexico







"I'm too sexy"



Me with my cousin and her boyfriend at Sea World


My leg painting from the Renaissance Fair


"I love painting and Batman"


Meeting Figment



Rafiki and I


Making a snow angel


Posing in my first wheelchair





Me as Princess Pocahontas on Halloween in 3rd grade


Having a water fight with my voice activated water gun







Giving my cousins a ride on my chair


Happy Spring!



"I'm being squished"


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