Family Photos!

My Uncle Jon & Emma! Can you tell why we call him "Crazy Uncle Jon"?

My Dad, with long hair, and Emma. He was a 60's kid, could ya tell?

Brenda, Emma, & I at church. February 1992


Part of my family in Wyoming for my aunts 50th birthday. August 2000



My family and I at the zoo in Ohio. It was VERY cold!

Mom and Emma at the MDA telethon, watching Reba McEntire sing "Walk On".

My cousin Aaron being silly



My cousin Andy at grandma's house


Uncle Chris and Aunt Melissa playing some blue grass music for the family.


Symon and Zach walking in the old corn field


Aunt Jill and I clapping to the blue grass music


Grandma June (GJ) and I under the apple tree


Aunt Jill walking in grandma's back yard


Great Aunt Jayne, Great Uncle Merryl, and their granddaughter Susanne, listening to the blue grass music


Me with my cousins, Ben and Nick, at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary


Playing with my cousins, Ben, Nick, Zach, and Pete


Pete telling me to breathe


Happy Mom and Grouchy Dad


My cousins, Ben & Nick, goofing around. I don't think they would be too happy with me sharing the picture, but they were just too cute!


My grandma June, Dad, and Mom in NYC.


Enjoying swinging with the family!

My 2 favorite boys and I

Kendra, Toney, Brenda, Levi & I - Virginia Beach 2005

TVO, Sarah, and Dad at the Lake House celebration

Amanda, Sarah, and Sam playing with my stuffed bugs


Amanda, Aunt Vicki, & Sarah

Sam, Aunt Vicki, Uncle John, and I - Lake House 2005

Grandmother & I posing at the clubhouse

Auntie and I looking at pictures

Grandfather and Uncle Bob working on a crossword puzzle



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