Friends For Life!


Me and my friend Liz at a picnic. I'm the one with the bonnet!


Me at my 14th birthday party! From left to right:
Jake, Val, Jackie, Sheretta, Sharnice, & Veronica!


Casey (my boyfriend) and I at Friendly's after visiting Ben & Jerry's. Don't we make a cute couple?


My buddy Colin and I out for a walk. He's not small enough to sit on my shoulder anymore!


mj and madison.jpg (154837 bytes)

Miss Madison and I at Dur Dutchman, my favorite restaurant in Ohio!


My buddies Dana & Danny. Don't you just love Danny's hair? And isn't Dana adorable?


Me, Casey, Casey's Dad Gene, my Dad, and Jerry of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. We were getting ready to taste Vannila ice cream right off the line! YummY!


My friends Peg & Shaun


The Gang at Camp Harkness 2005


The Sykora Family and I


Casey O and I


Faith A and I


Halima and I


Emily and I


Kim S and I


Grace and I


William, Tonya, Peg, and I


Me, Murphy, and Laurie


Me, Karen, and Connor


Trina and I


Jaquie, Colin, me, Casey, and Calvin


Linda Z, me, and Brenda


Lauren and I


Josh, Brenda and I


Daniel, Jennifer, and I



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