*Lily's April '03 Journal*

April 2003


Friday, April 30, 2004 12:56 AM CDT

Wow, it has been a while since I have updated Lily's journal.

Well, we have had a great couple of weeks around here, busy but fun. We had a GREAT time at the OKI Walk and Roll in Loveland Ohio a couple of Saturdays ago. We met so many wonderful people and caught up with some people that we knew as well. We had a GREAT Team for Lily called "Loyal to Lily" and of course Nathan was a part of it with pictures that I had on Lily's stroller. Beth and Company did a GREAT job with the walk.

We celebrated Easter on the Sunday AFTER the actual Easter but we had a great time with family over at Noni and Pappy's. It was so warm out that Lily spent most of the day being a nakey girl :) She had to come out of her Easter outfit. She was able to spend the afternoon outside on the swing visiting with family of course. It is always fun to get together with everyone and even better to show off my beautiful girl!

After the walk and Easter we took a weekend trip to Knoxville Tennessee to visit some friends there. We stayed with the Speigels and got to FINALLY meet in person. Billy (SMA type 1 as well) is 3 and is so very cute! We had such a GREAT time with them and just hanging out. Lily enjoyed meeting Billy as well (he is a cutie!) and they had a great time together. We are always glad to get back home but it was a wonderful trip. Check out a few of the pictures on the picture page.

I know I keep saying I am updating Lily's website but it just hasn't been happening has it. I am going to try and get some pictures together of Lily to send to Laura to put up on her website and once I have the pictures there then I will probably close this down and use the journal again on the website. I promise I will work on this :)

Well...I guess that is all for now. I can't believe that we have less than 2 months until the conference! I am excited again to be around so many people who know about SMA and see many of the kids. We had such a great time last year and I am looking forward to having a good time this year too.

Remember, I still have T-Shirts available! Let me know if you want one!

HUGS to all!

April 15, 2004

Boy...it has been a while since I have updated the site or anything huh? Well here we go Lily fan's :)

Lets see..I am still selling the t-shirts, Karen I still have yours if you want to email me your address I can get those out to you, I still have some left but will be selling some to the family on Sunday.

We have not celebrated Easter yet so I don't have any Easter Pictures of Miss Lily. We are doing a belated Easter because we are having the dinner on Sunday with family so since Lily is still small enough and not out enough to know when Easter is, we are having it this coming up Sunday so I will have some pictures of her with her Easter basket then.

We are heading off to the Walk and Roll in Cincinnatti on Saturday bright and WAY to early! We will have to leave from here around 5:30 am, YIKES, but I am looking forward to it and I know that I will have lots of pictures to share after that. I can't wait to see some of the kids that I know are coming, HOW MUCH FUN! Emma, Nick, Julia, and many others will be coming so it should be lots of fun. We have a team to be walking..named Loyal to Lily :) THANK you Debbie for all the hard work you do for Miss Lily and for coming up with so many neat things for us. I have her stroller decorated and ready to go!

Today Lily and I went out and about for a bit. I had some things I needed to take back and then we just went shopping of course. We went to the Party store to get decorations for the stroller then just went window shopping from there and had a nice time.

The weather this week has been so WEIRD! Sunday was cooler but still fairly nice then Monday was FREEZING after all the warm weather we had had. Tuesday we had SNOW, and yes I mean snow! Flakes were HUGE!!! About an hour or so off to the East they had 6 inches of snow!! Ugggg then Wednesday it was much much warmer and today it was in the upper 70's and very nice and warm. Like they say, if you don't like the weather in Kentucky stick around because it will change!

I have to tell you about this cool thing that I ordered, it is called a Maya Sling. I ordered off the internet..it is a pouch or whatever to hold your baby. With a few minor adjustments in it I am able to hold Lily in it! It is so cool!!! I can put her in it on my shoulder and I have my hands free..well at least one arm free most of the time. We have had it for a few days and already I am in love with it. I will take pictures but it really is the neatest thing! You can check it out at www.mayawrap.com and see what I am talking about. Anyway, Lily does pretty good with different postions so I have been seeing how much she can tolerate around here and I have had her in some pretty weird but cool postions like on my hip, cradling her, and other ones..but is just makes it so much easier! She loves to be held, she loves the movement, so it makes sense to have something that will at least take some of the strain off my back and help me out and this does it so well! It is kinda a funky color, very bright but it is really neat. I will be taking it to the walk on Saturday to try it out in public..but we will be doing the walk in her stroller of course :)

Well, nothing much else to talk about....OH YEAH Lily did get her computer, we still need some of the switches for it but she has it and can play very simple games on it (learning). I have been making her do it for like half an hour a day to get used to it. The games she is playing are pretty boring and she gets bored very quickly but she has to learn when to click her switch and all that good stuff...but she is learning!

Ok...this time I have to go! BEDTIME for me! HUGS to all!

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