*Lily's June Journal*

June 2002

Entry by Sue:

June 6: I'm paraphrasing what Amy told me today...Amy's computer is in the shop and will be worked on this weekend...Hopefully she will be back on-line next week.  Okay, for the update..Lily is great!  Amy is okay.  It's been a tough week dealing with all the emotions that have surfaced dealing with her relationship with Brian.  Amy is making sure that Lily gets what she needs.  Brian is starting to learn to take care of Lily so Amy can get a break and get things done.  Amy's mom has become quite adept at caring for Lily, too.  She can cough her and put her bipap on.  Hopefully, Amy will get some well needed respite and as she puts it, "get a life!" (outside of caring for Lily).  Amy is strong and her inspiration, Lily, will get her through this rough time, for sure.  I know she appreciates all your concern and support.  Keep it coming!  ~~Sue~~

I wanted to mention that Amy and Lily have been getting out and about a bit.  Amy puts Lily in the front seat (I know, I know!) of the van in her car seat with bipap on and off they go!  I know they have been to Target.  Lily loved it!

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