*Lily's February '05 Journal*

February 2005


It is hard to believe it has been this long since I have updated the journal!  Blame it on all the things that have gone on in the last few months, I am sorry I have not been updating for those of you who do read the journal.

Lily is doing well, I am hoping to keep her well for the rest of the winter season with no more illnesses.  We are looking forward to spring and summer so we can be out and about more.  We have been getting out a few times, we have made a few trips to the mall and did some shopping.  On Friday Lily and headed out in the nice beautiful weather to spend some time out of the house, before we left Lily was a little uptight, her PT came on Wednesday and over stretched her ankles and they have been very sore.  Anyway, her heartrate was a little higher than I would like but we went on and packed up and headed out anyway.  As soon as she got in the van down went the heartrate and she was out to have a good day.  All day long she was chattery and having such a great time, a great diversion from her sore feet anyway.  We had a fun fun day, all day long, it was a nice day to get away from the house.

Tomorrow, Lily is back to school with a few little changes with that.  We are going to be way more 'germ phobic' with things but I didn't want to take the school away from her, her teachers love her so much and she really is doing well with them too and I think it is good for her to have them coming in and out, someone different than mommy..

Now..a little update about me. :~)  Back in December (on the 20th to be exact) for some reason I decided to get out the glucometer I have for Lily (it measures sugar levels for diabetics) and I wanted to test mine.  Now keep in mind I am way to heavy and had sugar problems in the past when I was pregnant with Lily so for whatever reason I decided to check my sugar level.  When I did that afternoon I was at 254 (normal is between 90-110) so I was waaaaaay to high.  It kinda scared me.  I got online and researched a few things and it said to test a fasting sugar level meaning first thing in the morning so the next morning (on the 21st) I got up and tested my sugar level, it was at 233 way to high and it scared me.  It meant I was diabetic but here I am with no insurance and there is no way I wanted to live my life being a diabetic, I needed to change and do something right then and there.  I researched different diets and knowing what I knew from before I thought doing Atkins was the best diet I could do, I know my weaknesses are Carbs, BAD carbs so that morning I was on the diet.  Within a couple of weeks I   got my sugar level down into the 120's which is good but it still should be lower BUT that is was ok.  I am now almost 2 months into it and in the mornings I am now around 108 which is GREAT and during the day I test normal too.  Boy did that day back in December scare me and maybe that is what I needed to give me that boost to get myself healthy not only for Lily but for me too.  I was not ready to have a disease like that..and while I am predispostioned to it I am going to control it.  To date I have lost almost 20 pounds and while the weight isn't pouring off of me I feel better and I know that slow and steady wins the race and this time I am going to do it.  I have been faithful for almost 2 months now and I am proud of myself.  Why am I sharing this?  I guess more to keep me accountible and letting you guys know what is going on.  I have purchased a treadmill and have been doing that every day too.  I feel so much better and I am taking control of my life so that I can be here for my daughter as well. 

Ok, so that is the update for both of us!  Thanks for being a part of our life and I will do my best to keep up with the journal just sometimes time gets away from me.

We send big hugs and kisses to all of you!!!


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