*Lily's September Journal*

September 2002

September 5, 2002 Hello again!  I have been horrible at emailing Sue these updates so that I can update the journal but maybe this time I will do better and once I get the disk loaded onto my computer again I will certainly do a lot better too.  Things with Lily are going great!  She is so smart, strong and getting so big!  We have had a great time this summer despite all the stressful things that have happened.  Since Lily's surgery in April she has been so good with no destatting the same way she had been doing and we only wish that we had gotten the surgery done a lot sooner but there is nothing we can do about that.  Some of the things that we have been up to this summer has been getting out a lot and shopping, going to church (which we both love that), and getting together with some of the other single parent families in my church group.  This past weekend (Labor Day Weekend) we went to a picnic for the singles classes in my church.  I debated about taking Lily and actually had her daddy come over to stay with her but in the end we thought it would be a nice day and I went on a took her with me.  Well, it was a lot hotter than the news said but we still had a great day (but still hot) and Lily really enjoyed herself.  We walked around and talked to a lot of people and had a lot of people I didn't know ask me questions about Lily and what she has.  I love to share with people our SMA story and I feel like it helps to get awareness out as well as most people say they will pray for us and lets face it...who doesn't need more prayers?  Toward the end of the day when it was cooler I took Lily to the playground with some other mom's and their kids and played with Lily there.  It was so much fun!  I am her legs but we got to swing on the swings (Lily was on my shoulder) and she thought that was so much fun and would squeal when we went high, then I took her down the slide which she was not so sure of and we walked around in the sand and all.  Her favorite thing of course was the swing so I plan on taking her back to the park soon so we can do that again because she had such a great time.  All in all it was a great day and we were worn out when we got home.  Now...as far as our personal life, we are doing good.  I am very happy and have adjusted to life without Brian and of course Lily has too.  We did move to a duplex at the beginning of August because it was just to hard to keep up with things at the house.  It was really to big for just the two of us and to hard to clean, cut the grass, etc.  We moved about 7 miles away into a nice neighborhood and we love it.  Lily adjusted really well and we are both doing well.  Brian (daddy) comes over a few times a week and for a while over the weekend to see her and that helps me to get out of the house.  Lily's Noni and Pappy live 2 minutes away (great for babysitting....) and Brian's Dad and Step mom live really close as well.  It has been a great thing to do and I am so thankful that God led me to this place.  All in all we are doing really well, Lily is healthy and happy, so God has been good!  Stress in my life is WAY DOWN so that is good.  Well, I think that is all for our update....thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and for keeping up with me through the months!  I will get some new pictures up on the website soon!  God Bless!

My Gosh it has been such a long time since I have updated the journal I bet you all thought we dropped off the face of the earth.  It is a little harder to update when I have to send it to my good pal Sue but I am determined to be better about the updating so....August was the last time I updated so here we go..

September is really the "last hurrah" before we are in for the winter months so Lily and I did do a lot of things.  We spent time going to church, going to see people, and getting out before our big shut in for the winter.  Lily has been doing so well and is so very healthy.  It is amazing to see her little rosy cheeks and sweet little face.  We have settled into life here in our little duplex and it has been nice.  We have adjusted to life with just girls and have a very girly non man friendly house....ha ha.  She is my joy and my sanity and I thank God for her and all that she has given me.  It is still a time of adjustment and going through a "divorce" really isn't easy at all especially when we have such a hard weird situation with everything BUT everything is going great for both of us.  I have been able to get out a lot more then I did last year of course and Lily has become so very easy to take care of as long as I don't let the video's run out.  We have been doing great and she is getting so very big. 

Favorite things

Of course her video's which are taped from
TV....Ozwald and Rolie Polie Olie
Being in the rocking chair in Mommy's arms

Reading books and "helping" to turn the pages

NON Favorite things

A video running out...thank goodness for the rewinder
Going to bed....hates it with a passion
Taking a nap...she doesn't nap...ha ha

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