*Lily's August Journal*

August 2002


August 6  Hello it is me again!!!  Well, lots of stuff to tell so I guess I best get to doing it huh?  Lily and I have moved...we moved off the farm and into a nice little duplex in town where I am now about 2 minutes away from my mom and dad.  Everything happened so quickly that my head is still spinning from it.   We thought it would be nice and safer to be closer to everything and not out on the farm by ourselves and so far away from everyone.  I hated to move on one hand because living out in the country was so nice but the upkeep to the house and all was to much.   Brian (the ex) was not coming out and cutting the grass, the electric was not good which with all of Lily's machines was a hazard.  Plus being so far from things was not good and us being by ourselves was not safe.  So in we came, we found a really nice place, I have a very nice neighbor so it was really a Godsend.  I began moving things in last week through the day and then on Sunday a bunch of people helped to move all the big things in like couches, beds, etc. and mom kept Lily all day and she even spent the night over at Noni and Pappys so that I could get everything arranged.  I stayed up until 5am getting it all together but I hate having boxes and stuff laying around so I was determined to get everything in its place!  Now I only have minimal things to do such as buy some curtains (which I will probably get material and make the kitchen ones), get some new rugs, buy Lily a comforter set etc.  The nice thing is that she will have her own girly room (she will continue to sleep with me but...she will still have her own room).  It is nice!  We also went on a trip to my Uncle Danny's house last Thursday through Saturday and that was nice too.  He has a nice big house, an inground pool, hot tub, etc so it was like staying at a resort!  We got Lily into the pool Thursday night and she HATED IT!!!  I kept her in for about half an hour and she cried the whole ti me she was in there.  I thought maybe it was because she was tired so I got up on Friday morning, got her ready and in the pool we went again only to listen to her cry the whole time.  Finally we got out, I went inside, got her changed and put in her movie on my Uncles big screen TV and she loved it.   Elmo was actually larger then she is and she had a great time.  In the afternoon we got ready and went shopping at a mall and she had a ball.  She is a true girl..she just loves to shop and she does so very well.  On Saturday we had a family pool party with all my aunts and uncles, cousins, etc.  She had a pretty good time as long as she got to watch her movies..she didn't really want to break away from the huge TV at all.  She got to taste lots of good food and had lots of attention from everybody so it was really nice.  She is doing wonderful and getting so big!  Things here have certainly been alot less stressful and we are doing great without Brian so thank you all for your kind words, calls, cards, and most importantly PRAYERS.  God has certainly been with us and getting us through all the tough times.  Lily sends all her fans big hugs and kisses!!!!!!!

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