*Lily's October Journal*

October 2002

On October 12th Lily and I went to an outing for single parent families at our church at Buffalo Crossings in Shelby County.  It was alot of fun for both of us.  Lily got to play on the playground again doing her favorite thing..swinging and sliding down the slide again.  Then we went over to Rob Carters house for a cookout and bonfire (we didn't stay late for that BUT did stay and eat and listen to stories)..all the kids had a great time and Lily did so very well and seemed to have a good time watching everyone.  It was very nice to get out and do that with her and spending time with my new friends from church.

We also got an arm sling from the Swansons, identical twins who have SMA type 1 like Lily who are now 5 1/2 years old, and we have been playing around with that.  It gives Lily a way to move her arm (it is a piece of material on PVC pipe that takes gravity out of the mix) and do things independently somewhat.  She isn't really sure about it yet but we have been doing some art projects and things so hopefully she will catch on quickly.  The one thing she does love to do in the sling is suck on a sucker...yes actually get it in her mouth and suck on it.  She is able to do it by herself which is awesome and she loves it.  I will have to get pictures up of her doing it soon. 

The other thing that she seems to love now is taking a bath.  We have had a bath chair for her for a long time and while she sorta liked taking a bath she didn't really get to move around a lot on it so one day I tried what all the other mom's had been telling me to do...I took a towel, folded it up, put it on the floor of the bath tub then layed her head on it then I took some wash cloths and folded them and put them under her cheeks to hold her head up out of the water and let her sorta "float" in the water....she LOVED it.  She was able to move her legs and arms all around and it was so neat to watch her have a ball doing it. She was in the tub for almost 2 hours the first day I did it and now it is almost an everyday thing with us and she will spend TONS of time moving around in the tub.  She loves it and gets so excited when I tell her she is taking a bath...it is great. 

Favorite things

Pretty much the same as before video's etc.
Now I can add a bath to it...
And sucking on a sucker in her sling

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